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ML-commerce - Remont i prodaja brusilica Kikinda

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ML Commerce is always looking forward to a new cooperation. Our machine engineers through overhauling process of "Livnica Kikinda" brand create complex and precize grinders according to inquiry of our clients. ML Commerce team is specialized for the following types of grinders :

 Universal external and internal cylindrical grinding 

 CNC external and internal cylindrical grinding 

CNC grinding noncircular external and internal profiles 


Besides CNC grinders mentioned above, we overhaul and rebuild all types of CNC machines according to the specific inqurieis and desires of clients.

CNC Grinders for cylindrical external grindingB 700B 1000
Dimensions of machine (mm) 3304x2230 3424x2230 4620x2240 4524x2230
Machine weight(t) 4/5,2 4,35/5,8
Distance between centers (mm) 700 1000
Center height(mm) 175 175
Workpiece weight between centres (max.) 300/500 kg. 300/500 kg.
Gridding wheel diameter (mm) 500/600/750 500/600/750

CNC Grinders for internal grindingBU850 / BU 500BU 1000 / BU 850
Dimension of machine (m) 3x2 , 5x2 5,5x2 , 5x2
Machine weight (t) 4,5 6
Minimum diameter of grinding (mm) 80 80
Maximum diameter of grinding (mm) 508 1308
Maximum longitudinal table travel(mm) 550 550
Maximum workhead cross alide travel(mm) 38 38

CNC Complex GrindersKUB
Distance between centers (mm) 1000/1600
Centre height (mm) 225/275
Workpiece weight between centres (max.) 200/250 kg.
Lenght of spikes 2000 mm/min