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ML commerce provides an overhaul and retrofit of universal and CNC grinding machines.


Intervention of overhauling is done in our company or, per customer requirement, in their own company. We provide different types of overhauling (small, half or general) which depends on critical points of grinding machines.

With the overhaul we give your machines the precision of a new one, and your investment in this case would be considerably smaller than simply buying a new machine. If you want to increase your productivity, we could install measure and control units into generally overhauled machines, which presents process of retrofitting. All services are provided as earliest possible according to the established problem, type of interventions and agreement with the client. Our company offers to all clients 24/7 technical support through the Internet (if problem is possible to be solved virtually) or onsite help in 48 hours.

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Pictures BEFORE overhaul

Pictures AFTER overhaul

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